A Detailed Guide of New DEFI MOBA Game – Versailles Heroes!: Versailles Heroes is a competitive PVP game under the GameFi and Metaverse sectors and is managed through DAO governance smart contracts. Its rules of trading and governance are embedded in the blockchain to achieve the ultimate public, impartial, and decentralized governance model. Versailles Heroes is dedicated to building a blockchain game that can truly be run by its players and also enables them to make money via gameplay. Respective players would be able to utilize special NFT characters to make a match and win assigned tokens whenever a specific gaming task is completed.
There are many ways to profit from the Versailles Heroes game design. Every token received can be stored in your wallet or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. This article will guide you on how to receive and store Versailles heroes’ tokens in your wallet.


MOH is the main currency in the community of the game and will act as an incentive to its contributors. Medal of Honor (MOH) is a ERC-20 token for Versailles Heroes, issued on the ETH chain. gMOH is generated in matchmaking and players can convert the gMOH currency into the blockchain asset MOH digital currency with a 1:1 gMOH to MOH conversion ratio.

How to get MOH
● You may earn gMOH in your gameplay. And gMOH can be exchanged for MOH and kept in your wallet.
● Matchmaking: The rewards for each matchmaking game depend on the rarity and proficiency of your NFTs.
● Milestone: When your NFT proficiency reaches a milestone, you will be rewarded accordingly.
● Ranking Rewards: As players move up their proficiency rankings in the game, they will earn ranking rewards.
● Secondary market purchases: Users may exchange MOH for other digital currencies outside the game with any platform or individual.

MOH Swap
● Players may have their first exchange of gMOH earned 10 days after logging into the game with 50 battles completed. After that, they may exchange every 48 hours. A minimum exchange amount of 500 MOH is required for each exchange in the marketplace wallet.


VRH is a DAO-governed voting mining project released on the Ethereum Chain to incentivize VRH staking and MOH token burning. VRH is the governance token in the DAO protocol, where investors can obtain voting rights with veVRH by staking, with staking periods of one year, two years, and four years, respectively.
veVRH acquired from staking can be arbitrarily voted to multiple mining pool guilds and used in their internal competition and can increase the weight of individuals in the guilds up to 2.5 times. The increased weight in guilds requires MOH burning for acceleration. It enables DAO governance mining in the economic model of dual tokens.

Mystery Box Pre-Sale Participation + MOH Airdrop
Get to participate in the first round of the NFT mystery box sale. The first round of the box opening will result in a MOH token airdrop. The MOH token airdrop depends on NFT matchmaking rewards. If a player opens the first round of the mystery box and obtains a Common NFT hero, the airdrop will be calculated based on the output of this hero’s total battle counts. For example, if it can produce a maximum of 660 MOH, the airdrop amount is 20% of its maximum output or 132 MOH.


In the Versailles Heroes ecosystem, the application value of MOH will increase over time. However, due to MOH’s unlimited supply, the ecosystem will keep growing. In this case, not considering other factors, supply and demand influence the price of the tokens.
A reduced amount circulated on the market will result in its value going up. This is why the deflationary mechanism of the token is essential, as its economic model in an accelerated burning mechanism competes for network weight by burning MOH.
This increases the VRH mining weight, suggesting that the more virtual computing power is owned, the more MOH is burnt. And therefore, the more burnt MOH will go to the designated black hole address.


MOH Token Burning Guide
In DAO governance, veVRH is used to vote. Voting to a mining pool gains mining weight therein, and weight in the guild determines the VRH yield gained. Any investor can engage in healthy competition with other miners within the pool, and the tokens in the competition are MOH tokens.
With MOH, investors can accelerate their weight in the guild up to 2.5 times. The acceleration is based on burning MOH, which will go to the black hole address for permanent destruction.

Versailles Heroes is a free-to-play competitive play-to-earn MOBA NFT game with its own community DAO. The views and opinions expressed on this Site are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Versailles Heroes or its employees. The content provided on this Site is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment, financial, or other advice.