Versailles Heroes is a competitive PVP game under the GameFi and Metaverse sectors managed through DAO governance smart contracts. Its rules of trading and governance are embedded in the blockchain to achieve the ultimate public, impartial, and decentralized governance model. Versailles Heroes is dedicated to building a blockchain game that its players can truly run.

Versailles Heroes is committed to promoting the creation of labs in the metaverse, enabling members’ avatars to interact and socialize with users in the same metaverse environment as the technology matures.

The DAO community and NFTs

The team adopts a community-driven approach, starting with an exciting and engaging MOBA game. It combines blockchain technology with the gaming industry, which realizes NFT in-game assets and establishes a new economic model. Heroes and weapons are minted as NFTs and owned by users. In a scientific token incentive system, the community growth of Versailles Heroes is promoted, creating a metaverse world of entertainment for the future.

The design team at Versailles Heroes created the NFTs to be interestingly scalable in order to keep increasing the value of the NFT itself, and the Versailles Heroes team featured the platform that records the changes in the upgrades to the blockchain, which of course, is important, as the upgrades not only increase the NFT in value but also protect the NFT holder’s rights on the chain profoundly.

The DAO community governance

The GameFi is governed by community players voting that attracts elites to form a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that will participate in community governance, manage public funds, initiate proposals, vote on proposals, etc. In its community-driven ecosystem, the efforts of all players in Versailles Heroes will be transformed into benefits, while the community players gain value and earnings from the development.

Player’s ranking

Versailles Heroes builds rich competitive scenarios. Usually, the ranking reflects the player’s proficiency with the hero. They have to win more to have a higher ranking, and there are unique winning mechanisms in different scenarios. The system will automatically settle for the player in each win/lose. However, only accumulated wins can earn trophies, and the number of trophies will determine the ranking.

Versailles Heroes player’s ranking and reward.

~[Challenger Supreme>>Jade>>Diamond>>Grand Master>>Master>>Challenger>>Newbie>>Bronze>>Platinum>>Silver>>Gold].
Image credit: Versailles Heroes white paper

Versailles Heroes gameplay

The gameplay is an eSports game built on blockchain technology. Players can team up with their friends in the game and make money with their NFTs. When whitelisted players join the Arena of Versailles for the first time, they will receive a free box in an event on the website. Heroes in the free box cannot be sold in the Marketplace. For other rare heroes, they will have to unlock them in a paid box in the MarketPlace.

Versailles Heroes will keep introducing new heroes, enabling more charming and colorful characters to join the fray. The fun in the game comes from never-ending innovation and engagement when more gameplay and heroes are unlocked.

Versailles Heroes is a free-to-play competitive play-to-earn MOBA NFT game with its own community DAO. The views and opinions expressed on this Site are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Versailles Heroes or its employees. The content provided on this Site is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment, financial, or other advice.