Versailles Heroes is a competitive PVP game in the GameFi and Metaverse sectors and is managed through DAO governance smart contracts. Its rules of trading and governance are embedded in the blockchain to achieve the ultimate public, impartial, and decentralized governance model. Versailles Heroes is dedicated to building a blockchain game that can truly be run by its players and enable them to make money via gameplay. It also incorporates DeFi gaming elements, enabling players to own, build, and monetize their gaming experience.

The growing popularity of the metaverse will be another factor leading to the massive adoption of GameFi, turning it into a profitable niche for investors and game developers. The GameFi mechanism is mainly based on four key pillars, namely blockchain technology, the play-to-earn model, asset ownership, and non-fungible tokens. Combining these features and technologies allows users to receive monetary rewards for their actions in a game.

GameFi is a typical example of a play-to-earn blockchain game where players receive economic incentives and rewards. GameFi’s rewards range from cryptocurrency, NFTs, in-game assets like virtual land, avatars, weapons, and costumes that players earn when they battle with other players and scale up through the different game levels. The rewards are grouped depending on the results, with the winner being rewarded handsomely.

NFT Rewards

Versailles Heroes is a free-to-play game. Players can experience gameplay without purchasing NFTs. Unlike other blockchain games, it will not have any threshold restrictions. Free heroes can also be rewarded with tokens, enabling more players to enjoy the game.

Weapon Reward Bonus

In each match, the NFT weapon used by the player will provide a bonus. The player can easily get this bonus, which is not subject to a specific win.

Proficiency Reward Bonus

A hero’s proficiency depends on their accumulated wins. Therefore, each hero will receive an additional bonus when their wins reach the threshold.

Versailles Heroes is a competitive MOBA game based on blockchain technology. Its unique characteristics and arts are reflected in the processing of game details, modelling of the heroes, combat, smooth matchmaking, and gameplay.

This MOBA game is driven by the community of players, ensuring that users experience the thrill of the game while reaping the benefits of accumulating virtual assets. It is dedicated to the play-to-earn model, which is the foundation of the prosperity of the game economy in a competitive mode with the spirit and cultural heritage of Versailles. In addition, players can hone their individual and teamwork skills to become team leaders in the Versailles Heroes virtual universe.

Every aspect of Versailles Heroes is designed to make the player experience more enjoyable. In upgrading the program, various processes and settings will be continuously simplified to lower the threshold for playing. Moreso, changes will be made around the future trend of blockchain games so that more players will join Versailles Heroes.

Versailles Hero introduces a positive modification to the field of gaming. Before now, in-game assets were restricted to centralized protocols only, which prevented players from trading their digital assets outside the platform. However, the play-to-earn model of Versailles Her allows users to own all their game assets even when the server is turned off.

Versailles Heroes is a free-to-play competitive play-to-earn MOBA NFT game with its own community DAO. The views and opinions expressed on this Site are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Versailles Heroes or its employees. The content provided on this Site is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment, financial, or other advice.