Versailles Heroes’ Background Story & How It’s Played Statistics reported that over two billion people play video games worldwide, and 3-4% of gamers are addicted to video games. It is a wonder that so many people are extremely committed to playing games and spend so much time and resources controlling animated characters. A lot of game analysts attribute this reality to the game’s backstory. A compelling, well-written narrative draws players in and makes them feel all sorts of emotions, like a good roller coaster. These details add depth and richness to the universe of a video game, expanding its history outside the main plot. On this note, Versailles Heroes (VHR) is an example of a blockchain game with a very interesting backstory that inspires each game’s element, mission, and character.

A Synopsis of Versailles Heroes’ Backstory

The story’s opening features two big planets, Cybora and Solaris, with Solaris being the larger and more developed of the two. Solaris set their eyes on Cybora to invade and send them into extinction, and they were successful with it.

The story also narrated “The Birth of Versailles”; people filled with heroes and figures with extraordinary qualities from the magical boxes created with MOH. The Versailles Heroes utilized their special abilities to build civilization and develop technology for their world. But unfortunately, the great “Battle of Destiny” cut short their epic unveiling.

The story featured “The First Crisis – The Solaris Wormhole,” highlighting the people who founded the kingdom of Rothstein under the leadership of the hero Oz. The prophecy of the wise Sheila birthed the birth and discovery of Heroes with superior fighting skills. Fortunately for Oz and his people, the creation of heroes paid off for them when monsters attacked them. There is also the narration of “The Awakening of Heroes” under Oz and Sheilla, though it didn’t last long.

Then came “The Battle of Destiny,” which narrates the battle between Cybora and some other empires before Hymn and Versailles decided to form a Grand Alliance to defend the land and civilization of Versailles. Forward to “New Heroes – Battle for Glory,” where Heroes of Versailles led by Titan, King of Dresk. In this war, a young man called Cyre became the best of many heroes by slaying twelve Skywalkers by himself.

At the end of the millennium, Rothstein city had grown into an extremely prosperous city, glowing with the light of technology and magic, and the most famous part of the city is the Deathmatch Arena, where countless heroes charge against their rivals at midnight, with the winner receiving a large amount of MOHs. The competitive spirit of Versailles had taken hold, bringing a new glory and introducing new heroes in grand style. Over time, the people of the continent began to refer to the planet of Cybora as part of the continent of Versailles. The world is convinced that Skywalkers will return, the millennium is coming, and Darkness is on the way.

Versailles Heroes’ Gameplay

Versailles Heroes is a competitive MOBA game with a PVP and PVE matchmaking mechanism. The game is partitioned into different modes; Practice Grounds (Trial Grounds), Deathmatch (4V4 Classic Battle), and Battle Royale (Solo/Duos), to mention but a few. For example, in the Practice Grounds, players will challenge AI bots and choose the appropriate difficulty level to face challenges. This mode allows players to familiarize themselves with each hero and their skills, aiding them in improving their combat skills in the game. Deathmatch mode, however, focuses on skill competition with simple rules. For example, players gain one point for each kill, with scores on the dashboard. Also, Battle Royale mode is where players can gain experience and attribute enhancements by hitting supply crates, and eventually, all heroes will meet in one area, with the best player/players winning.

Lastly, different battle rewards are programmed inside the game, which helps upgrade the hero’s combat attributes and thus gives them advantages in battle.

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