Everything About Versailles Heroes’ Gaming Security: The Concept of Versailles Heroes as a blockchain game is defined by the level of the security underlying its architecture. A blockchain is a decentralized database system characterized by transparency, immutability, and traceability. As blockchain technology and communities supporting decentralization continues to grow rapidly day by day, decentralized games have also evolved to incorporate premium gaming security and protection into their systems and users.

Therefore, Versailles Heroes’ system developers and operators’ hands are on deck with maintaining a formidable security framework for this game by utilizing various powerful auditing tools that have emerged. We employ these tools as a defensive programming paradigm, which attempts to reduce errors before the software is released. However, we also know they have different advantages, including automation degree, accuracy, and efficiency.

Versailles Heroes’ developers were intentional with systematic security development frameworks or toolkits aided by long-term web security development. In that case, the game is immune to any sort of vulnerability like overflow, also known as underflow vulnerability, because our developers ensured to verify all the testing results and used a secured library. Also, we secured against gas overflow vulnerability where a loop might be used to implement the paying method to our users.

Elements of Versailles Heroes’ Security

Versailles Heroes is based on distributed architecture (shared-nothing architecture) that distributes data to different server nodes. When using data, scheduling is shared through multiple nodes, mainly including coordination nodes, SQL parsing, and storage clusters, which act for the consistency of data transactions and ensure data security.

Below are some of the security protocols we have highlighted for the Versailles Heroes Game:

Data Security Monitoring

Data security monitoring assists the program in detecting security risks in the database. For example, when interacting with blockchain smart contracts, the data management system goes through multiple security checks to ensure its accuracy, responds promptly to data exceptions, and automatically troubleshoots exceptions.

Data Asset Assurance

Data assets are the most demanding. Therefore, we have defined the objectives and process of access control in core data assets and set out security specifications for asset data. Also, we regularly check security risks during operation and maintenance and automate tools to comprehensively analyze the risks in the database and assure defense against potential vulnerability risks.

Security Penetration Testing

The security database will be subjected to strict penetration testing to reinforce any detected data items and adopt simulated real attack invasions to check the database’s security and reflect the database’s security status. Based on the penetration test and database security inspection report, we will develop targeted security protection tools to reduce the risk of external attacks.

Bug Bounty Program

A bug bounty program is a deal offered by many websites, organizations, and software developers. Individuals can receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs, especially those pertaining to security exploits and vulnerabilities. In our bounty program, we have specified the scope of our architecture that individuals can work on to discover bugs and the ones they cannot. If perhaps a vulnerability is discovered, even though it’s highly unlikely, the discoverer will submit a report to us, often through a platform like HackerOne. We will respond immediately and work with the discoverer to validate the existence of the vulnerability, patch it, and test that the patch works. After that, we will pay out a bounty to the vulnerability discoverer. It is important to note that the amount of the bounty typically depends on the severity and impact of the vulnerability in question.

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