Why an upgradable NFT?

Versailles Heroes UPGRADABLE NFT: Well, while it’s a cool experience to use NFT characters to play in the Metaverse and earn while doing so, Versailles Heroes aims to elevate this experience by enabling the player to upgrade the Heroes’ NFT as they progress through the game and saving the stats in the blockchain.

How to upgrade your Hero NFT?

You can scale your NFT by winning battles and gaining rewards while playing the game. There are two types of rewards: Game win rewards and Bonus rewards.
Game win rewards are awarded only to the winner of the battle. What determines a winner varies depending on the game mode. Bonus rewards are awarded based on hero rarity, weapon rarity, and hero proficiency. With rarity rewards, you can get awarded simply for using an NFT hero for battle and equipping them with certain weapons—there’s no need to win the battle to gain the hero rarity bonus and weapon rarity bonus. On the other hand, the hero proficiency bonus is only rewarded if you win a battle. If an NFT hero has more accumulated wins, the proficiency will be higher and so will the hero proficiency rewards.

The Many Benefits of These Rewards

These rewards can be swapped with tokens that are tradeable on different exchanges and allow the players to have several crypto assets in Defi and NFTs.

The simplest strategy while playing Versailles Heroes for beginners is to gain a rarity bonus through battles, and for experienced players to focus more on gaining a proficiency bonus by accumulating more wins. As such, your heroes might be on different levels, but you can still gain bonuses. The key is to practice and battle more!
But how do you engage in battle? Well, this is where battle count comes into play. Based on hero rarity and skin rarity, a certain amount of battle count is deducted every time you choose to engage in a battle. Having enough battle count is integral to advancing in Versailles Heroes, as the lack thereof results in you not being able to battle and, consequently, not being able to level up and gain bonuses and rewards.

The Battle of the Legendary Hero

But fear not, this can be solved by upgrading your hero NFT.
For instance, you have a common hero with legendary skin whose initial battle count is 250. With each upgrade, the hero NFT will gain another 250 battle counts. Upgrading also increases your hero’s combative advantage by increasing attributes like health points, attack power, attack speed, and movement speed by 1% across the metric with each upgrade. After maxing out at level 11, the hero NFT no longer receives an attribute increase but is still awarded, and battle counts.

The Legend of the Epic Hero

To illustrate it better, if you have an Epic Hero with Epic Skin and you are level 11, you can pay 560 USDT to upgrade once and receive another 560 battle counts, allowing you to engage in more battles. Upgrading your NFT hero also increases your chances of winning a battle, as a hero with a higher rarity is typically more powerful and likely to generate more rewards.
Let’s play, explore, combat, and earn!

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